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          Haoneng Technology won three awards of Hi-tech Golden Ball
          Release Time:2021-01-12 Publisher:品牌部

          From December 16th to 18th, the annual meeting & Golden Ball Award Ceremony of Hi-tech Lithium Battery Industry was held in Hyatt Hotel of Shenzhen Airport. According to the selection of the Organizing Committee and the Research Institute of Hi-tech Industry, with its outstanding performance in the industry, Haoneng Technology has won three awards including "Annual Good Product", "Innovative Technology" and "Top 50 of Lithium Battery Industry Companies" in 2020. It is also awarded the title of "Core Partner".  

          Hi-tech Golden Ball Award of “Annual Good Product”


          Hi-tech Golden Ball Award of “Innovative Technology”


          Hi-tech Golden Ball Award of “Top 50 of Lithium Battery Industry Companies”



          Hi-tech Lithium-ion Battery "Core Partner"


          The world is recovering greenly, and the new energy market blowouts in future

          The international recovery is bringing a huge round of industrial opportunities. New energy vehicles will have a market blowout in the next five years. Renewable energy power generation will drive the rapid growth of energy storage. The demand for lithium batteries will advance from GWH to TWH. In the past decade, China's new energy passenger vehicle market is in the early stage of fast growth, with the policy promotion represented by subsidy policy as the core.

          In the next decade, with China and European markets as the center of increment, the new energy passenger automotive market will enter the stage of rapid expansion, and gradually complete the transformation from policy driven to market driven. Under the huge market opportunity, the power battery demand will also leap from 100GWh to 1TWh. This is a huge increasing opportunity for the whole industry chain, but it will also face unprecedented challenges.



          Dr. Wu Juan's speech on "battery electrode production technology in T-era"


          The battery electrode production technology in T-era promotes the quick development of the market

                 On December 17th, Dr. Wu Juan, General Manager of Shangshui Smart, gave a speech with the subject as "Battery Electrode Production Technology in the T era" at the Forum on New Materials & New Structures. According to Dr. Wu Juan, both Shangshui Smart and Haoneng Technology have common investors. The both companies are working together to open up the front process of power battery manufacturing - "unmanned intelligent electrode manufacturing process" with the efforts through the introduction of intellectualization, the application of new technology and new equipment, to promote the intelligence manufacturing, high efficiency, low consumption and high quality for power battery. 

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